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Gilles Barre
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1.0 / 5
À Côté de chez Fred
posté le 25/07/2017

(Excuse our mistakes in english) Why wrote this here instead of complaining when you were here so we could have try to fix this issues? Despite your dissapointment all of your plates were empty and when we asked if everything was ok you answered "lovely". The wine couldn't be warm it's always in the fridge non-stop and we bring ice bucket for everyone anyway. You said that it would have been fair value to pay 80€ but the wine you took already cost 50€ so is this sentence have logic? If you want to pass by so we could speak it would be with pleasure because we quite don't understand your dissapointment

Reply to "Huge disappointment. The menu was highly price..." by drhparis@yahoo.fr

posté le 24/07/2017 1.0 / 5

Huge disappointment. The menu was highly priced and the food when it arrived revealed a complete lack of finesse. Grilled sardines were served mysteriously with a large pat of butter - why? Marinated fish had a large fistful of salad dropped on top of it, I could not understand what the relationship between these two constituent parts was supposed to be but it added no value to my starter whatsoever. Both main dishes were served with large dollops of lumpy mashed potato which merely served to fill out the dish. The see was disinterested and incompetent. Chablis was served almost warm and I had to ask for an ice bucket. The waitress was unable to describe the dishes in any detail: when I asked her what was the fried turbot like, I was told it had been fried in a frying pan, full stop. She neglected to mention it was actually covered in a heavy beurre sauce and came with the aforementioned mashed potatoes and grilled tomatoes. The decor was charmless and unwelcoming. If we had paid 80€ for this, it would have been fair value. Unfortunately we did not. This is the first time I have ever been disappointed by a Gault et Millau recommendation, hence my review.